Potion of Stoneskin[edit | edit source]


A combined effort of alchemical concoction and Earth Magic, the creation of a Potion of Stoneskin is one of the rare times when Earth Mothers and Witches come together to combine their skills. Poured into an intricate stone recipient, the expensive fluid is capable of forming flakes of stone all over the imbiber's skin, giving them a natural set of armor.

When used, the Potion of Stoneskin grants the user 90% reduction from physical and nature damage. In addition to this, it also dulls the user's nerves, removing the pain screen flashes that appear when struck. The buff lasts 45 seconds.

A maximum of 5 potions can be carried at a time.

The default Potion of Stoneskin hotkey is P.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Using the Crushbow primary + Potion of Stoneskin combo to rocket jump while losing as little health as possible.

The Initiate deals nature damage with his Harm projectile, which is the only magic damage reduced by the Potion of Stoneskin.

The Potion of Stoneskin also offers a slight protection against fire and ice damage.

In addition to protecting against physical damage, the potion also reduces the self-damage dealt by the Crushbow, allowing the player to rocket jump while minimizing HP loss.

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