Iron Maiden[edit | edit source]

Bearing the name of the torture device they spend most of their early training time inside of, Iron Maidens are the strongest warriors the Cultists have to offer, being able to withstand tremendous amounts of pain and survive significant bodily harm. Their lack of heavy armor allows them to quickly navigate the battlefield and support their Cultist brethren with their sturdy tower shields.

Their large shields also allow them to fight in wall formations and block off passage to any foe incapable of flight.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Iron Maidens have a stab melee attack dealing physical damage, and the ability to block with their shields.

Iron Maidens have a slight vulnerability to fire.

Iron Maidens do not infight.

Iron Maidens have a "Shield Wall" variant that doesn't move unless prompted to or heavily damaged.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Iron Maidens can use their shield to block fast projectiles and reflect slower ones (like Axes, Fire Hammers or the Crushbow's primary fire) in front of them. If the player has Friendlies around, they can use them to attack the Maiden from behind.

The Crushbow's alt fire can rip through the shield, being one of the most effective weapons when dealing with single Iron Maidens.

The Acid Potion Launcher can also deliver considerable damage past the shield, being very effective even against grouped up Iron Maidens.

The Fragfire Gun's alt fire is another way to bypass the Iron Maiden's shield block, providing a slow but effective way to kill them.

Certain weapons like the Axe, Great Axe or Crylance can deal a portion of damage even while the Iron Maiden is actively blocking.

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