Initiate[edit | edit source]

Those lucky enough to possess a magical affinity are allowed to join the higher ranks of the Cultists and further their studies in magic and other dark arts. Initiates are dark robed figures who serve as scholars and apprentice mages to their masters. Unlike Conscripts and lesser Cultists, they appear to be well built, with lines of fresh blood trailing from beneath their hood-covered eyes. They are specialized in Body Magic, using a basic Harm spell in combat.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Initiates have a single-shot harm ranged attack dealing nature damage and a 3-shot burst variant of the same attack.

Initiates have a slightly narrow field of view.

Initiates do not infight.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

When using their burst shot, Initiates take more time to charge it up than they do with the single shot, allowing the player to foresee the attack.

Since Initiates deal nature damage, their damage is reduced by the Potion of Stoneskin or the Great Axe's protection.

Although Initiates do not pose an individual threat, they become exponentially dangerous as their number grows, able to pepper an entire battlefield with projectiles.

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