Hatchet and Shield[edit | edit source]

Tried and tested through centuries of battle, axes and shields are used by fighters of all races and factions due to their effectiveness and cheap production costs.

The Hatchet and Shield is an iconic combination of weapons for the Iron Division, being traditionally used by their ancestors both for warfare and ritual purposes. With the discovery of Crystals and the new weapons that came forth, the Iron Division gradually replaced these simple tools in favor of guns.

With the introduction of protective Crystal Amulets, the round shields also began to be reduced in size, turning into smaller bucklers often decorated by the Orcs with rim spikes reminiscent of the symbol of the Iron Division. In present times they are generally used by town guards and militia, although Bear Warriors are still trained to use them in warfare. It is noteworthy that the Shields used for this purpose are improved with reflection enchantments.

Although axes and shields can be often seen decorating the walls of Valc's chambers, the player can only use this weapon combination while playing on the Bearzerk difficulty, where Zan appears to have been carrying this pair of weapons when waking up in the Crystal Mine.

The Shield can passively deflect most projectiles, while also protecting against melee damage. It can be used actively to reflect projectiles back to the attacker as well as grant even greater protection against melee hits. The Hatchet is similar to the Axe, but lacks the powerful cleaving attack and the ability to be thrown.

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

Hacking works as a regular axe attack but without the cleave effect.

Primary fire causes a series of precise Hatchet hacks with a very small cleave effect. While actively blocking with the shield, primary fire can still be used but at a lower attack rate.

Alt Fire[edit | edit source]

Shield bashing is great to knock enemies back while staying protected.

Alt fire brings the shield up to actively block incoming attacks, which allows the player to easily reflect most projectiles back to the attacker. The player can also attack with the shield, bashing enemies in front and pushing them away.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Shield does not block melee attacks but instead greatly reduces their effectiveness.

The Shield can passively deflect projectiles coming towards the left side of the player, even while attacking with the Hatchet.

The Shield is less effective at blocking projectiles while the player is moving.

Shield bashing forces enemies to enter their pain state, allowing the player to stunlock them.

Used in combination with the Potion of Stoneskin, the Shield makes the player immune to melee attacks.

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