Great Axe[edit | edit source]

Few are the ones capable of wielding these heavy weapons effectively. Traditionally a weapon of the Minotaurs, the Great Axe is usually awarded to the strongest warriors of the Iron Division to be carried in battle.

The bladed end is shaped to have the same heft of a giant hammer but with sharp edges that can slice a humanoid in half. To top this off, the Lancer Council has also ordered the Earth Mothers to design magical enchantments that could offset the Great Axe's wielder lack of protection against agile targets. Therefore, carrying the Great Axe envelops the warrior in a thorn aura that reduces any nature damage received while also reflecting the pain and damage back to the attacker, making this weapon the ultimate formation breaker in battle.

The player can only use this weapon on the Bearzerk difficulty.

The Great Axe deals great amounts of damage, capable of killing even stronger enemies in one hit.

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

Primary fire performs an ample cleave that deals massive damage to everything in front.

Alt Fire[edit | edit source]

Alt fire causes a short leap followed by a full 360 degree spin that can be continued with a perpetual spin attack if holding down alt fire.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Great Axe blows force enemies to enter their pain state and deal extreme amounts of damage. It can kill anything reliably, including bosses, and in combination with a Potion of Might it is utterly devastating.

On top of the damage reflection, the Thorns buff reduces the nature damage dealt by Initiates by 50%, making the weapon more reliable in "bullet hell" scenarios.

The alt fire leap can often be used in combination with sprinting and jumping to cross large gaps.

When charging towards an enemy, the player can opt to aim the alt fire at the monster's side instead of going for a center mass hit, thus avoiding any projectiles coming directly towards them and killing the enemy with the edge of the 360 attack.

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