Force Pike[edit | edit source]

Spears have always been common weapons due to their effectiveness and ease of use, being employed by every military force across the planet and beneath. The Iron Division Orcs have a significant history with this weapon, as pikes would often be enchanted and wielded by the elders and shamans of the nomad tribes, leading the warriors into battle.

After discovering the Crystals, the Lancers still held onto their Force Pikes for centuries before slowly transitioning to the much more advanced Crylances. Still, the Force Pike is a fearsome weapon thanks to its extended reach and bearing enchantments that can snatch away a target and pull it towards the wielder, towards certain impalement.

The player can only use this weapon on the Bearzerk difficulty.

The Force Pike can impale multiple lined enemies up close.

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

Primary fire causes a series of jabs that pierce through soft enemies that are closer than the weapon's full reach.

Alt fire can be used to pull enemies into deep water or other hazards.

Alt Fire[edit | edit source]

Alt fire causes the targeted monster (or monsters if they are bunched up) to be quickly pulled towards the player.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Primary fire can pierce through multiple lined up enemies assuming they are close enough to be fully impaled.

The alt fire can be used to pull enemies from tall ledges, into deep water or other hazards to kill them without much effort.

Primary fire forces enemies to enter their pain state - in combination with the long reach, this makes the Force Pike effective against bosses and large enemies like the Pit Lord.

Primary fire is perfect for poking away Iron Urchins and turn them into projectiles.

The alt fire can also instantly kill Iron Urchins, although the player should be careful to have enough space to dodge them as they are pulled in.

The alt fire can be used to stun-lock enemies, allowing nearby Friendlies to kill them easily.

While using the Amulet of Shadows, enemies are pulled into offset directions from the player.

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