Fire Hammer[edit | edit source]

The Fire Hammer is an ancient Dwarven artifact, dating back to the golden age of their underground civilization. It was designed for a group of elite warriors clad into dark iron armor - as this particular metal prevents the transition and absorption of heat, these hammers were enchanted by the Dwarven War Priests to burn with everlasting fire. The weapon proved to be tremendously effective against the Minotaurs, although it grew to be known as dangerous to the allies as it was to the foe in the heat of battle.

During their war with the Demons, the Dwarves were forced to double the fire enchantment with an explosive blast effect that would compensate for the natural resistance to fire of their chaotic foe. This also made the need for protection more stringent, and a further set of enchantments would bestow the wielder with a protective aura.

As the underground civilizations fell to the Demons, these hammers were lost and scattered, with only few of them remaining in the armory of the Icepeak Dwarves. The knowledge behind the magic enchantments was also buried and forgotten, with most of the remaining hammers losing some of their initial power after centuries - most importantly the ability to fully protect against the blast effect. Few Dwarves still use them in combat, but only if they can afford additional protection.

The player can only use the Fire Hammer while playing on the Bearzerk difficulty. They can initially only carry one, but upon finding the Bag of Holding, the hold capacity is increased to 3. While holding it, the player is immune to fire damage (including lava) and resistant to explosive blasts.

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

Primary fire causes a hefty swing culminating with a powerful explosion.

Alt Fire[edit | edit source]

Thrown Fire Hammers function almost like quick hand grenades.

Alt fire causes the player to throw the hammer, essentially turning it into an explosive projectile.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Because it protects from all fire-based damage, the player can use the Fire Hammer to walk on lava unhindered.

The primary fire can be used to perform quick rocket jumps, often allowing the player to get out of an ambush or monster surround.

The Potion of Stoneskin and Elemental Ring fully protect the player from the hammer's blast damage.

Using the Potion of Might does not increase the explosive damage, but it doesn't halve it either (as is the case for regular ranged weapons). It does however increase the physical damage component normally, making it perfect for throwing at large single targets such as the Pit Lord.

The Fire Hammer cannot be effectively thrown underwater.

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