Elemental Ring[edit | edit source]


A fine craft combining crystal technology, orcish elemental magic and dwarven jewelcrafting, Elemental Rings are precious trinkets that can protect their wearer from elemental hazards and magic damage. They are often worn by ambassadors and diplomats as not only are they expensive and recognizable, but they can also save the ringbearer's life.

When used, the Elemental Ring envelops the wearer in a protective shield that greatly reduces elemental and magic damage taken by 90% (hazards also cause elemental damage) and allows them to breath endlessly underwater. The buff lasts 90 seconds.

A maximum of 3 rings can be carried at a time.

The Elemental Ring's default hotkey is L.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

While the Elemental Ring is active, the player can survive in hazardous conditions such as lava while only taking insignificant damage, which also allows for additional mobility options when dodging projectiles.

The Elemental Ring is a great boon when encountering submerged Warlocks, especially as it allows the player to shoot the Crylance underwater without taking much damage.

The Elemental Ring, used in conjunction with Potion of Stoneskin, grants near invulnerability to the player.

Using the ring prevents the player from being electrocuted while shooting the Crylance or carrying an I.D. Sentry underwater.

Because it grants endless breath and magical protection, the Elemental Ring is ideal for fighting a submerged Warlock.

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