Cultist[edit | edit source]

Cultists are the basic servants of their faction, being former Humans who worship and place their tormented life in the service of the Demons. They look similar to Conscripts, except their shorter, hunched stature, their sickly skin and the numerous spikes jutting out of their back denote their devotion to their masters. Their head is wrapped in dark rags, concealing the horrors beneath.

Despite being weaker than Conscripts (as a result of their torture-heavy life style), Cultists are more dangerous on the battlefield, being able to pluck spikes out of their backs and hurl them at the enemy.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Cultists have a spike throw ranged attack dealing physical damage.

Cultists drop bundles of spikes (which are used as ammo for the Spike Gun) upon death. On the Bearzerk difficulty they are replaced by Vials of Healing.

Cultists avoid melee weapons.

Cultists never infight.

Cultists have a "Sniper" variant that doesn't move and has a higher rate of fire.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Although they are frail, Cultists can be quite dangerous due to their fast and hard to see projectiles, making them a high threat target in large fights.

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