Crylance[edit | edit source]

The Crylance is the deadliest crystal powered weapon to date, being wielded by the legendary Lancers, warrior-mages of the Iron Division and keepers of the mysterious crystal technology.

The two versions of the Crylance, featuring entirely different firing systems.

The lance was designed as a joint project between Lancers and Fixers and went through a preliminary stage before ending up as it is now. It uses depleted power shards (resulted after charging armor amulets), as fully charged ones have proven to be too powerful and unstable, often resulting in the weapon exploding when fired.

Initially it worked with a trigger mechanism, taking the appeal of a battle rifle but further improvements have swayed the design to a less conventional lance broken into two segments. The current version of the lance features a three-piece crystal system that fires when the depleted shard loaded is put into contact with it, forming a straight circuit. A short contact results in focused beam while a held-down contact charges the lance to fire a charged up shot.

The Crylance is the iconic weapon of the I.D. Lancer, and it is notable that the I.D. Sentry is built to fire a similar projectile as the charged up shot but at a much lower power.

Crylances use Depleted Power Shards holding enough power for 25 shots.

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

Primary fire shoots an extremely fast energy beam that's deadly accurate and capable of piercing through low to mid tier enemies.

Alt Fire[edit | edit source]

Screenshot Doom 20190502 142352.png

Alt fire charges up the lance briefly before releasing a slow cryball. The ball explodes upon contact doing massive damage and bursting into 12 mini cryballs that bounce around extremely fast, also deal a lot of damage upon impact. This fire mode uses up 20 shots.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Using an Elemental Ring underwater protects the player from electric damage generated by firing the Crylance.

Primary fire is great at taking out lined up low to mid tier enemies, thanks to its piercing capacity.

Primary fire is also best at dealing with flying enemies like the Iron Urchin or Warlock because of how fast, accurate and powerful the shot is.

Using an Elemental Ring will prevent the Crylance from electrocuting the player while shot underwater, turning it into a very powerful option against submerged Warlocks (along with the endless breath and magic resistance coming in handy).

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