Crushbow[edit | edit source]

A relatively simple and straightforward weapon, the Crushbow is a massive crossbow (or even mini-ballista) widely used among the ranks of the Orcs. Unlike regular crossbows, it is capable of using magazines for a much faster rate of fire and loading. They are the primary weapon used by the I.D. Bear Warrior, although they use regular bolts instead of explosive ones.

This fearsome weapon represents the might of the Orcs in battle. Both the towering size and the crude trinkets often adorning it (bones, straps, spiked iron) strike fear in the heart of the enemies of the Iron Division.

The "Axebow" design can actually be seen in a poster inside a secret area.

It is notable that the Orcs had an attempt at combining the Axe with the Crushbow by essentially attaching axe blades to the limbs in order to be able to use it as a melee weapon. However, this proved to be unreliable in the end. The current design of the Crushbow features a magazine and a sliding handle attached to a thick rope-string.

Crushbows also benefit from magic enchantments performed by the Earth Mothers and Lancers skilled in Air Magic. These enchantments usually affect the fired bolts, increasing their speed and flattening their trajectory. There are different bolt types, but the deadliest ones are fitted with overclocked red crystal tips and fragmentation, capable of clearing out large areas.

The Crushbow uses Boltmags containing 6 shots.

Primary Fire[edit | edit source]

Crushbow primary fire igniting toxic clouds for a devastating explosive effect.

Primary fire shoots a high explosive red-crystal tipped bolt that deals high area of effect damage with both fire and fragmentation.

Alt Fire[edit | edit source]

Alt fire shattering through an Iron Maiden's shield.

Secondary fire shoots a much faster and straighter impact bolt that rips through weaker enemies and causes much more direct damage at the expense of explosion radius.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Because the alt fire deals little area of effect damage, it is often ideal at shooting enemies who get too close in order to avoid self damage while also not having to switch weapons.

Using the Potion of Stoneskin also greatly reduces the radius damage taken by the player, allowing them to shoot the primary fire up close or perform less health expensive rocket jumps.

The alt fire can break apart the Iron Maiden, even while she is shield blocking.

Since they deal a percentage of fire damage, both the primary and alt fire can ignite toxic clouds created with the Potion Launcher.

Although the primary fire is almost useless underwater, the alt fire is fairly reliable and strong thanks to the magic enchantment speeding up the bolt.

Alt fire can reliably overkill the Cerberus, guaranteeing a drop of two half-full Fragfire Cans.

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