Crawler[edit | edit source]

Crawlers are mysterious worm creatures that seem to cause numerous cave ins as they tunnel through the Crystal Mine. Zan eventually discovers that the Crawlers have a dark origin, being artificially created by Witch Chieftain-Adjunct Lith's corruption successfully incubating inside Dwarves and Goblins.

They are almost as large as a humanoid and have sloppy purple skin peppered with glowing cyan spots (a look that resembles the Stalasite organisms seen around cave areas). A single orifice serves as a mouth with sharp fangs growing in circular patterns inside. They primarily feed with flesh, producing an extremely cold slime that they spit at their prey to numb it down before they slowly consume it.

They seem to be intelligent enough to tell ally from foe apart and appear to be quite tame towards Cultists and Demons. Nonetheless, they do have a short temper and will attack anyone when provoked.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Crawlers have a bite melee attack dealing physical damage and a slime ranged attack dealing ice damage.

Crawlers are immune to toxic damage, have a small resistance to ice damage and a small vulnerability to acid damage.

Crawlers have a narrow field of view.

Crawlers cannot operate switches or open doors.

Crawlers infight with any monster (including their own species on the Brutalizing difficulty).

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Crawlers have a relatively low height, allowing the player to directly jump over them or on top of them.

Crawlers are quick to infight with other monsters, and their moderate speed does allow them to get struck by stray projectiles quite often, an aspect that can be used to the player's advantage in the heat of battle.

Crawlers are immune to the Potion Launcher's toxic cloud, able to pass through it unhindered.

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