Conscript[edit | edit source]

Conscripts are former Humans enslaved by the Cultists (faction) to worship the Demons. Their weak, convoluted body reflects the pain and torment that their service involves - although unlike Cultists (monster), Conscripts are deemed unworthy of service, being used only as canon fodder in battle. They have blank, dark eyes and a dark Demon symbol etched onto their forehead. Their equipment consists of a dark rag wrapped around their legs and a large, bloodied spike that they use for stabbing the enemy... or themselves.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Conscripts have a stab melee attack dealing physical damage.

Conscripts never infight.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Because they are slow, melee enemies, Conscripts can always be easily avoided and make for low threat targets in open areas. They can, however, sneak up on the player from the side and their stabs are capable of dishing out significant damage, so a degree of awareness is needed.

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