Cerberus[edit | edit source]

Cerberi are tri-headed war hounds bred by the Demons as companions and animal guards. Despite not having the same focused sense of smell as a regular dog would, they are occasionally used for tracking and hunting down fugitives.

Cultists also seem to be in possession of Cerberi, proving that they are relatively easy to tame as long as they are fed (Zan herself can tame one while in the Witch Research Labs by feeding it a hunk of flesh).

Their menacing look is only furthered by fearsome spiked collars and a strange contraption implanted into their lungs that allows them to breathe fire upon their prey.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Cerberi have a bite melee attack dealing physical damage, a pounce ranged attack dealing physical damage and a triple fire breath ranged attack dealing fire damage.

Cerberi drop Half-Full Fragfire Cans (used as ammo for the Fragfire Gun) and on very rare occasions a Choker of the Beast. On the Bearzerk difficulty, the Fragfire Cans are replaced by Minor Healing Potions.

Cerberi are resistant to fire damage, highly resistant to lava and have a slight vulnerability to ice damage.

Cerberi have a broad field of view.

Cerberi cannot operate switches or open doors.

Cerberi do not infight and are never targeted back by other monsters after accidentally hitting them.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

When overkilled, Cerberi drop two Half-Full Fragfire Cans, making the Crushbow and Potion Launcher favorable weapons to deal with them when low on ammo.

Cerberi are greatly staggered by the Fragfire Gun's primary fire but in contrast don't feel any pain when attacked with the alt fire.

Their fire breath attack cannot be interrupted (unless the Cerberus is killed).

Frozen Cerberi have a higher chance to drop a Choker of the Beast when shattered.

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