Bag of Holding[edit | edit source]


Bags of Holding are magically enchanted to provide additional storage space. They are often used by mages to carry around spellbooks and other artifacts but the Iron Division warriors employ them to bring additional weapons and ammo in the field.

Although not a consumable, the Bag of Holding constitutes an inventory upgrade, functioning in a very similar fashion to the Backpack from Doom.

Picking up a Bag of Holding gives the player two magazines (or equivalent) of ammunition for each weapon. The first time a player picks one up, they also receive a one-time permanent upgrade to their ammo capacity (worth two extra magazines or equivalent for each weapon).

This also allows them to carry two more Axes and Fire Hammers.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

After piecing together three clues the player is pointed towards a hidden map that marks the location of the Bag of Holding with a red X. A shovel is required to dig at the spot.

Getting a Bag of Holding early on will give the player a permanent upgrade, the additional ammo reserve being very useful later on (especially the snowy part of Map08 where ammo is very scarce).

There is only one Bag of Holding (except for the Greenhorn and Brutalizing difficulties) in Chapter One, which requires the player to dig around a particular spot in Map07.

On the Bearzerk difficulty, the player can obtain an early Bag of Holding from the Forgotten One's Maze in Map04.

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